Bomber Athlete - Tyson Guzman

Hello! I’m Tyson Guzman, a competitive climber from Stouffville, ON. I fell in love with the sport, just 2 years ago, when I was 12 years old. 

I started climbing in the late fall of 2016 in a small gym which had recently opened in Northern Ontario. My mom needed something to occupy my sister and I while she tended to my Grandfather in hospital after he had a stroke. They say everything happens for a reason...

My passion for the sport was immediate, and I knew instantly I would spend the rest of my life ‘hanging’ from walls.

 I couldn’t get enough, and my desire to climb is just as intense today as it was back then!  I joined a team and began to train in Southern Ontario, which began my journey of climbing competitively.  Now, at 14, I have been fortunate enough to compete at a Provincial level four times, and at a National level twice - in both Bouldering and Difficulty.  And I won’t stop there...

My drive to compete is fierce, and I look forward to crushing my goals with Bomber being an essential part of my skin care routine.  Climbing is tough, and it’s even tougher on your skin - being on those walls every chance I get takes a toll on my hands.  Bomber has been such an important part of maintaining the health of my skin.  With Bomber on my side, I am able to climb hard and scale those walls every chance I possibly can! Thanks Bomber - your a ‘skin’ saver!

Follow my climbing journey @tyson_climbs