Bomber Athlete - Parker Keeley

My name is Parker Keeley, and I’m a 15-year-old competitive climber in Toronto.

I have been climbing for two years, but my competitive journey started a year and a half ago. After I went to my first regional comp I knew I wanted to devote as much time and energy as I could into climbing, so my partner and I decided to start a competitive team at my home gym Toronto Climbing Academy (TCA) and train every chance we had!

I climb 5.12b/c on lead (with the occasional 5.12d) and I boulder V6. I love climbing outdoors but most of my time spent climbing is at TCA. If I’m not on the crag or at TCA, I will be training on my makeshift hangboard at home. 

I have been using Bomber Climbing Salve for about a year and a half and it has completely changed the game for me when it comes to climbing. I use it after every session. It has helped my callouses become stronger and helped heal my skin allowing me to send more projects! It absorbs quickly and has become a valuable addition to my gym bag.

I work hard and give it my all every single day to better myself as an athlete in a sport I love.

That is why I use Bomber Climbing Salve because it is a product that helps me achieve my goals and send my projects, I am proud to be a Bomber Climber, and part of this awesome and supportive climbing community.

I am a climber who is ready to crush the competition season and I would love for you all to come along for the ride. Check out @parker_keeley_climbing