Bomber Athlete - Noah Slotman

Hi, my name is Noah Slotman, and I’m a 17 year old competitive rock climber from Vancouver.

My climbing story started about two years ago, and it probably started the same as a lot of climbers. Basically, one day I decided to go to a drop-in at a climbing gym and after the session I immediately fell in love with the sport. After climbing recreationally for a few months, I decided to push my limits and I started training to compete in competitions.

During the two years of climbing I learned a few things.

I love to push myself to the limit and to never give up, even when I am not at my best.

Climbing has taught me to push through the pain, sweat, and tears to fight until you have accomplished what you wanted to finish. I have learned so much from climbing and I hope to continue learning much more. Competitions have played a big role in my growth as a climber, and I am looking forward to crushing my upcoming competitions. 

Special thanks to Bomber climbing salve because it  has really saved my hands after hard training days, and let me climb to my fullest potential in competitions.

Have a look at @noahslotman to follow my climbing journey as a Bomber Athlete.