Bomber Athlete - Joel L'Heureux

Hey, my name is Joel L'Heureux and I am a 16-year-old competitive climber in Toronto.
I started climbing about 4 years ago and made my first bouldering nationals 2 years after that, I started my competitive climbing career 3 years ago. After my first competition, I was hooked and started training with the hub climbing competitive team 4 nights a week. 
I climb 5.12b/c on lead and boulder V7-V8 indoors and love climbing outdoors but most of the time I am indoors training at Hub climbing Markham and Mississauga if I am not at the crag or indoors I am at the gym training.
I hope to one day have the chance to compete at an International level.
After all the climbing and training I do my skin takes quite a beating. Using Bomber Climbing Salve after my session and before bed has become an essential part of my skin care routine. Now with Bomber, I am able to keep my skin at its best so I can train and compete at my optimal level.
Instagram @Joel.climbs