Bomber Athlete - Jessica Lin

Hey I'm Jessica and I was first introduced to climbing in college, when my club organized an event at the local bouldering gym.

I fell in love immediately, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I fell in love all over again - this time with outdoor climbing. I love being outside, exploring the forests and mountains with friends, feeling that rush of disbelief and adrenaline when you top out a long-term project.
I'm constantly chasing that feeling of accomplishment, when you've been trying and failing over and over again but one day, you give it everything and make it to the top.
A few months ago, I decided to put my professional career on hold to pursue my dream of climbing around the country. Since then, my boyfriend, my pup, and I have been on the road, hitting up all our favourite bouldering spots in North America.
With climbing now my full-time "job", I've begun to value skin care more and more. My skin has always been particularly prone to flappers and splits, which always puts a damper on any climbing day (and the days needed afterwards for it to heal!) The happier my skin is, the harder I can climb, which in turn means the happier I am!
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