Bomber Athlete - Gusto Oprisch

I started climbing around three years ago at my outdoor school. At first I was even terrified at the thought of climbing a big rock face. My first taste of real rock climbing was at Seneca Rocks in West Virginia. I decided to give it a try although I wasn’t too thrilled, that day I ended up falling in love with the sport while walking back to the campsite after on-sighting my first 5.9. 
Since that day 3 years ago I’ve been getting big into the sport climbing anything possible, lamp post, trees, buildings, houses, literally anything that could have potential holds or no holds.
I really enjoy the challenge and the rush of climbing, it keeps me in shape and forces me to be the best that I can possibly be. 
I’ve been on two climbing expeditions in West Virginia and at each location it’s been really different and to me, that difference is kinda what makes climbing great aside from all of the personal factors.
I’m always trying to climb routes a little higher than my grade level and sometimes I complete it but my hands are usually pretty torn up afterwards. After ripping off 3 calluses on my right hand I started to really think about my hands and skin care because obviously I want to keep climbing for as long as possible. Every time I go climbing I tend to lose a few calluses which puts me out of commission for a few days which isn’t really ideal for me. When I go climbing and I don’t get any flappers then it becomes ideal for me in every way possible and I can keep climbing for more than once a week. In the end having healthy hands is what will allow me to keep climbing.