Bomber Athlete - Ethan Salvo

Hey, my name is Ethan and I started climbing when I was 15. After quitting competitive swimming I decided it was time to try something new, so I joined my high school climbing team.
From the first practice I was hooked, I bought a monthly membership to the gym and started climbing 3-4 times a week by myself.
After 9 months of climbing, I decided to join a team and I'm now training 12-16 hours per week with Matt Chapman. I have many goals for competitions and I hope to one day compete at an international level.
Although indoor climbing has become a huge part of my climbing I have always been fascinated by outdoor climbing. In the past months, I've been starting to focus on outdoor bouldering.
I love being outside and having projects that will never be reset.
With all of the indoor training and outdoor climbing I do, my skin can take quite a beating. Using Bomber after sessions and before bed has become a crucial part of my skin care. Now I'm able to keep my skin at its best condition so I can perform at comps and send my outdoor projects.
Instagram: @salvo.climbs