Angelo Bonechi

My name is Bonechi Angelo, I am from Italy and I practice climbing in all its aspects.

Anywhere from bouldering competitions at a national level, to real rock, where I climb boulder routes and multi-pitch climbs. I take away lots of personal satisfaction.

Since I started climbing, however, I realized that to achieve my goal of becoming a pro climber I would have to train a lot!

This desire of mine very often led me to ask too much of my body and my hands, in fact after many workout sessions, I came out of the gym with bleeding hands because of the cuts.

After a few years, however, I discovered a secret Bomber Climbing weapon and thanks to it, I was able to prevent and cure my training problems, thus having more autonomy. For these reasons, I am excited to be on this team and I am sure that it will be my secret weapon to accomplish a lot.

As of now I have climbed some 7b and one 7c+ climbs.
Instagram: angelo.bonechi.3