About Us

Who am I?

I fell in love with rock climbing on a trip to Iceland.

It showed me how to transform the landscape into a playground and, like a kid, I climbed everything I could find. When I got back from my trip I climbed as much as I could until my hands hurt. I borrowed some climbing salve to help my skin heal and get back on the wall as soon as possible but I quickly ran out.

I’ve always made my own remedies and usually turn to natural ways to help the body’s self healing. Through trial and research I cooked up a recipe that helped me recover faster that also had a great scent, quick skin absorption, and a smooth, non-greasy texture. My hope was that if I made something I loved, others would too.

For me, climbing is a form of meditation, showing me the limits of my own body. Bomber was my solution to help me push those limits further and stay determined and focused. I learned to trust myself in challenging situations without the distraction of raw skin. I hope Bomber helps you on the road as it has helped me.

Climb happy!



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