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Made by climbers, for climbers.  
All natural, non greasy, hand crafted climbing balm.
Calluses are your body’s way of protecting itself from that gritty rock or plastic.
Bomber’s ingredients were chosen specifically with calluses in mind. 
Happy hands, happy you

keep your hands at their best and crush your projects

Perfect crag companion

Have Bomber ready for whatever comes your way

"I've tried all types of climber hand salve out there - Joshua Tree, ClimbOn, Rhino, Working Hands, etc. Out of all of them, I like the feel of Bomber's salve the best, probably tied with ClimbOn's. But I've noticed that I have fewer flappers and splits since I've started using Bomber, as opposed to back when I was using ClimbOn I would get both a lot more frequently. Overall, Bomber has been working out the best for me and my skin, and has really helped with developing healthy and hardy calluses for climbing!" - Jessica, USA
"I decided to order from you as I always like to try and support small businesses, even if they are on the other side of the world! I liked the sound of your salve, the natural ingredients and that it was handmade. 
I just received my order and I’m loving it. It smells great and I love the texture. It goes on and absorbs into my skin really well. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my hands and calluses. I’ll definitely be ordering more when these run out." - Gayle, New Zealand

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